Learn Spanish one-on-one makes it easy for Spanish students all over the world to benefit from one-on-one tutoring with an instructor who is native to and living in a Spanish-speaking country. Use Learn Spanish one-on-one to brush up on your Spanish, learn new vocabulary, start from scratch or just to practice your pronunciation. You control what you want to learn.

You and your tutor communicate through voice-chat programs. You will be able to work with your tutor to create personalized lesson plans, receive answers to your questions, and receive immediate feedback on grammar, vocabulary and accent.

An on-line course gives you one-on-one instruction in the safety and comfort of your own home or office. During your on-line course, you can speak with your instructor, and communicate via a chat. It's just like a real classroom, but at your computer.



Why learn Spanish?



Spanish Grammar Tutorial


Spanish help travel

Spanish verbs

Useful Expressions

Cultural notes

How does it work?

Daily or weekly (you decide the amount of hours per week) you will meet with your instructor on-line for a private Spanish class…

In addition to the live, on-line class, you can communicate with your instructor by e-mail.

As your on-line course is one-on-one, it's 100% personalized, the best guarantee to get a significantly higher return on your investment.

If you're interested in private classes, send an e-mail to ls_oneonone@yahoo.com




























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